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Coo Coo and Callaloo
A well loved staple of the Caribbean diet, coo coo and callaloo is a dish of African origin. Corn meal, dasheen leaves and peppers are key ingredients.
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Roti is a popular food of East Indian origin in Trinidad and Tobago. In Caribbean cuisine it is a dish of curried or stewed ingredients wrapped in a 'roti skin'.
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Crab and Dumplings
Crab was known as the poor man's chicken and dumplings evolved from an array of cultures. Together they make a spicy dish we all love today.
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The pelau is a true representation of our cuisine as it embraces a mixture of various cooking styles. Rice, pigeon peas, vegetables, carmelised meat and sometimes coconut milk make this tasty one pot dish a Caribbean treasure.
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Flavours of our heritage front cover
The front cover of the 2010 calendar depicts a combination of the vegetables and seasonings used in Caribbean cooking and represent the true flavours of our heritage.
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