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Title: Angel of Sorrow
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Sketches of costumes.
Female costume consisting of a head piece, chest piece, back piece, hip piece and suit. The whole costume is designed as a butterfly. The head piece is a helmet with a feathered front emerging from a medallion, winged sides and a back of layers of strings of pearls. The suit appears to be a bodysuit, worn under a chest piece piece shaped like butterfly wings. The back piece consists of two pairs of wings, patterned with ovals and dots. The hip pieces which project out at the sides have the same pattern. Strings of pearls are draped around the wrists and attached to the wings. The costume is completed by the shinbands which have small wings attached to the sides.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne
Subject: Carnival Costumes
Copyright: NALIS

Title: Angel of the Morning
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Section from the band: Robert's Legacy.
Robert's Legacy produced for Barbados carnival, 1998.
Male costume consisting of a back piece, head piece, train, collar, loincloth and suit. The back piece is very elaborate, consisting of two pairs of bat like wings in a multi-coloured stained glass pattern, with a gold pipe organ behind them, embellished with gold globes on several of the pipes and floor length gold fringe hanging from the bottom. The head piece is a white helmet with radiating star like points with small balls interspersed along the spikes. The suit is a bodysuit, the top striped in black and gold, in a chevron pattern and the tights in gold. An embossed gold loincloth is worn over the tights and a similarly patterned gold collar is worn around the neck. The cape is many-layered in blue, green and purple with a gold scrollwork design on the two longest layers. The costume is completed by the white feather like armbands and the gold knee high boots with gold and green diamond pattern.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne 1998
Subject: Carnival Costumes
Copyright: NALIS

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