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Title: Amethyst
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Section in the band: Les Bijoux.
Les Bijoux placed 2nd in the 1997 carnival competition.
Male costume consisting of a head piece and suit. The suit consists of baggy breeches in a dark lilac. A lilac sash is worn across the body with an amethyst gem highlighted with a beaded spray on one shoulder. The masquerader also wears a head piece with the gemstone attached to a diamond studded diadem. The single arm and calf band are both covered in a tie dyed lilac and blue fabric both ends of which are diamond studded. Gold beads hang from the girdle which is fringed at the end.
Section in the band: Heromyth.
Heromyth won Band of the Year in the 1989 carnival.
Male costume consisting of a back piece, chest piece and suit. The back piece is a series of nine decreasing sized circles on top of each other; the centres are dark pink with a black and white checked border and finished with a white border, worn high above the head. The head piece is a simple dark pink and white spike on a white diadem. The chestplate is a white rectangle with a black pattern that is tucked into a belt. The belt is dark pink, with a black centre and a round buckle with dark pink and white circles resembling a flower. Two white strips of fabric fall from the shoulders and under the arms. The masquerader wears a pair of baggy draped white pants with a black pattern and which are open at the sides. The costume is finished with a pair of silver boots, and dark pink, black and white arm and legbands.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne 1997
Subject: Carnival Costumes; Carnival Costumes
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