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Title: Shangrila
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Male costume consisting of a standard, head piece, collar, suit, sash and half train. The standard is a gold rectangle with a pink triangle in the middle and pink border; there are two long gold tassels on cords hanging from the base of the flag on the pink pole. The head piece is shaped like a tri-level gold temple, pink-bordered and with a tall spike on the crown; there are bunches of gold grapes hanging on either side of the head. The collar is purple with a black sunburst pattern on a gold background. The suit is a pair of gold bathing trunks worn under a gold belt with a gold, pink and white triangular pattern. The sash is gold, lined in pink, worn across the body and tied behind the back. The half train is made of layered ruffles in purple and red as is one upper arm band. The other arm band is red and purple striped as well as one leg band. The costume is completed by the single red wrist band.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne 1999
Subject: Carnival Costumes
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