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Title: Canton Jade
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Section in the band: Les Bijoux.
Les Bijoux placed 2nd in the 1997 carnival competition.
Canton, the oldest and most cultural of the cities in Southern China, is world renowned for its mother-of-pearl inlay, ivory and jade earrings. For centuries, the possession of jade has been thought to give the owner power, knowledge, pure thoughts and long life.
Female costume consisting of a head piece, breastplate and a bikini. The costume is designed like a filigree necklace. Silver filigree forms a base for the jade stones that are suspended from a necklace and form a pattern across the torso to the silver chains that are attached to the wrist of the masquerader. The largest jade stone is suspended over the crotch of the costume which is a two piece green bikini. The costume also contains a filigree head piece consisting of a large central jade stone. Green calf bands complete the costume.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne 1997
Subject: Carnival Costumes
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