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Title: Wild Orchid
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Section in the band: Amarant, the Secret Garden.
Amarant won Band of the Year in the 1998 carnival competition.
Amarant is the name of a flower reputed to have grown in a secret maze in the legendary city of Atlantis; made up of two dormant butterflies in the form of a flower, only lovers who touch the flower can bring the butterflies to life.
Female costume consisting of a standard, head piece, cape, loincloth and suit. The standard is a black flag with the image of white and pink orchids. The head piece is a large cattleya type orchid. The suit is a one piece white bathing suit with an orchid spray on the shoulder. The loincloth is a black and white belt with a large pink orchid in front, on top of a white fabric fringe. The cape is white with panels attached to both shoulders. The costume is completed by the white armbands and white embossed greaves on the legs.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne 1998
Subject: Carnival Costumes
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