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Title: Cock of the Rock
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Section in the band: Heromyth.
Heromyth won Band of the Year in the 1989 carnival competition.
Male costume consisting of a head piece, back piece and suit. The head piece is a vacuum-formed cock's head complete with comb fitted like a helmet. The back piece is a multi-coloured tail that extends high above the head. There is a combined chestplate and necklace, which starts as a wide black collar edged in white, with black and pink petal shapes, extending to a pink edged black chestplate that narrows down to the bathing trunks which is in a black, white and pink camouflage pattern. The costume is completed by pink, blue and gold banded arm and legbands.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne 1979
Subject: Carnival Costumes
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