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Title: Cancer
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Section in the band: All That Jazz.
All That Jazz placed 3rd in the 1978 Band of the Year carnival competition.
Male costume consisting of a standard, back piece, cape and suit. The back piece is a large crescent moon with a flaring sunspot in the middle and a set of shooting stars projecting out of one side. The standard is a crescent moon on a pole with a shield with a crab image. The cape is made of layered white, blue and grey spikes interspersed with stars. The masquerader wears a necklace with a large round medallion with the symbol for the cancer sign. The suit is a long sleeved patterned catsuit tucked into white boots. The costume is completed by the strings of beads draped around the arms and the arm and shinbands.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne 1978
Subject: Carnival Costumes
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