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Title: My Favourite Martian
Author: Berkeley, Wayne
Description: Male costume consisting of a head piece, shoulder piece and suit. The back piece is a combination of sea fans in blue, pink and green, gold sticks, and a blue and green crescent shape and pink and gold corals; there is a multi-coloured tail also forming part of the back piece. The head piece is a silver space helmet forming a mask on the face, with two large sea fans on the crown. The shoulder piece consists of silver strips of armour, pointed on the ends and forming a narrow chest plate that is attached to a belt inset with green and blue. The suit consists of a green and silver codpiece held up by silver hip pieces. The costume is completed by the thigh high silver boots, which are pointed on the tips and banded with silver and green studs and the silver gauntlets.
Source: Berkeley, Wayne
Subject: Carnival Costumes
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