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View the document Carnival Art is "Where We Are"
Description: Carnival Art II - "Where We Are" is an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, copper and textile presented by the National Carnival Commission.
View the document LeRoy Clarke celebrates birthday with exhibition
Description: "In some ways when people talk about my arrogance, they are really referring to an interpretation of my presencing (sic) in the world." So said LeRoy Clarke in an interview held on his 67th birthday. He celebrated this birthday by holding an exhibition of his art work.
View the document LeRoy Clarke's new work a testament to his faith
Description: Leroy Clarke's latest art exhibition "Dwellings" is a new testament to his beliefs and his socio-political message.
View the document Art in America
Description: An overview of the failure of committees in exercising impartial judgement, particularly in relation to Afro-American Art at Cornell University's Herbert R. Johnson Museum.
open this document and view contents View the PDF document Come 'Eye de Word' at 101
Description: LeRoy Clarke is set to hold an exhibition of paintings entitled "Eyeing de Word" at the 101 Art Gallery in St Clair.

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