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View the document LeRoy Clarke's new work a testament to his faith
Description: Leroy Clarke's latest art exhibition "Dwellings" is a new testament to his beliefs and his socio-political message.
View the document Taste of endless fruit
Description: A review of Leroy Clarke's collection of love poems and drawings, with extracts from the "Douens" collection of poems.
View the document Manning hails artist's journey
Description: Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Manning, visited Leory Clarke's exhibition at the Aquarela Galleries and commented on how the art reflected the journey of the artist.
open this document and view contents: View the PDF document The Masters
Description: This is a brochure for an exhibition entitled "A Retrospective" by Leroy Clarke, which was held at the National Museum and Art Gallery in Port of Spain from 7-27 November 1998.
View the document Exhibition by New York-based artist
Description: A short article announcing an exhibition of LeRoy Clarke's paintings and drawings held at the Centenary Hall, St. Mary's College. The article also describes the numerous roles Clarke played - teacher, rock and roll singer, stage manager and designer - before leaving Trinidad to pursue art in New York.
View the document Is the drag idea stupid?
Description: In this article the observation is made that St. Mary's College had the edge over its Queen's Royal college (QRC) rival in an area other than football or scholarship winners. That edge was the hosting of an exhibition of Leroy Clarke's work by St. Mary's College. The article also includes the text of an interview with Leroy Clarke by Therese Mills. In the interview Clarke talks about his feelings as an artist in exile. He also expresses his views on the proposed drag mall.
View the document Lecture on paintings
Description: A brief description of "Fragments of a Spiritual" an exhibition by Leroy Clarke, held at the Centenary Hall, St. Mary's College in 1972.
open this document and view contents: View the PDF document Sanctuary
Description: "Sanctuary" is the third part of the Pantheon series. This work was done in honour of Pat Bishop. Leroy Clarkes' article praising Pat Bishop was written in June 1996, while the exhibition was held from 2-19 July 1996.
View the document Fragments of a Spiritual: Challenge to the monster on canvas
Description: An analysis of the paintings and drawings in Leroy Clarke's exhibition "Fragments of a Spiritual".
View the document LeRoy Clarke celebrates birthday with exhibition
Description: "In some ways when people talk about my arrogance, they are really referring to an interpretation of my presencing (sic) in the world." So said LeRoy Clarke in an interview held on his 67th birthday. He celebrated this birthday by holding an exhibition of his art work.
View the document Exhibition: Art from the third world
Description: A typed document on an Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies letter head to Mr. Leroy Clarke inviting him to participate in the Exhibition: Art from the Third World.
open this document and view contents: View the PDF document Syllables
Description: The theme of "Landscape of Consciousness" is contined in LeRoy Clarke's exhibition "Syllables." This pamphlet contains both poetry and prose which discuss the idea behind Syllables. Also included in the pamphlet are pictures from "Syllables" as well as the list of painting that make up the exhibition. "Syllables" was held from 9-19 July 2002.
View the document Art in America
Description: An overview of the failure of committees in exercising impartial judgement, particularly in relation to Afro-American Art at Cornell University's Herbert R. Johnson Museum.
View the document Leroy Clarke: Fossil of memory
Description: The article describes Leroy Clarke's journey to his idea of The Poet. It mentions his exhibition at the Aquarela Galleries and describes it as "one phase in one movement of a gigantic epic which has been in progress for nearly quarter of a century."
open this document and view contents: View the PDF document Pantheon
Description: This is a programme for for Leroy Clarke's exhibition "Pantheon" which was held at the National Museum from 12 February to 24 March 1996. It includes a foreword by Dr. J.D Elder, as well as a catalogue of the paintings in the exhibition.
open this document and view contents: View the PDF document Landscape of Consciousness
Description: In this collection of articles, several writers, including LeRoy Clarke himself, analyse the paintings in Clarke's exhibition "A Landscape of Consciousness" which was held from 1 to 21 May 2000.
View the document Studio Museum features LeRoy Clarke collection
Description: According to this article, the Studio Museum in Harlem exhibited a collection of 70 paintings and drawings by Trinidadian artist, LeRoy Clarke. The collection, entitled "Fragments of the Spiritual", displayed pieces from 1969 to 1972.
open this document and view contents: View the PDF document Come 'Eye de Word' at 101
Description: LeRoy Clarke is set to hold an exhibition of paintings entitled "Eyeing de Word" at the 101 Art Gallery in St Clair.
View the document Leroy- craftsman of power and delicacy
Description: A critical analysis of Leroy's paintings from the exhibition Fragments of a Spiritual.
View the document Carnival Art is "Where We Are"
Description: Carnival Art II - "Where We Are" is an exhibition of paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, copper and textile presented by the National Carnival Commission.

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