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About this collection

An index to the Caribbean journal articles located in the Heritage Library, National Library of Trinidad and Tobago.

The full text of these articles is available at the Heritage Library. This database contains bibliographic information on all forms of local content housed at the Heritage Library.

It covers both retrospective and current records in the following information formats and topics:

  • Articles in periodicals such as Callaloo, BWIA Caribbean Beat and Social and Economic Studies
  • Books not entered in the NALIS Catalogue but which contain valuable information
  • Calendars such as the Ministry of Legal Affairs: providing a lifetime of quality service
  • 2006 Calendar Maps such as the Activity Map from BPTT
  • Music CDs on calypso, pan, chutney, and local jazz among many others
  • Pamphlets, both local and Caribbean, on a variety of organizations and their activities, such as those from the Trinidad and Tobago Advisory Committee for the Promotion of Social Care
  • Picture Postcards such as the Adrian Camps-Campins postcard collection
  • Stamps and Coins
  • Other information formats and topics

The content of the database spans the 1962 pre-independence era to the present. It is hoped that eventually all information from even the earliest and rarest records in the Heritage Library, will be entered in the database.

How to find information in the Caribbean Journal Index collection

There are 3 ways to find information in this collection:

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